This secretive startup plans to 3D print custom, affordable wood furniture

When you think you have seen it all there is always something to surprise you, in this case 3D printed furniture, 4 AXYZ based in the United States say that they have developed a system that can print layers of wood and bond them together to form fully functional furniture which can be totally customised by the end user into pretty much anything you can think of.

4 AXYZ founder and CEO Samir Shah said the system could be used to build a chair with an especially ornate back or to engrave wood to match its upholstery.  “The more complicated it is, the more expensive it is. It wastes more material and more effort. Our machine would reduce the number components substantially. The more complicated it is, the cheaper it gets with our process”.

Shah said the big secret is how the machine cuts the wood and secures layers together. The company is currently looking for investors. Once it finds funding, Shah said the first machine could be operational in six to eight months.

As an importer of real wooden furniture maybe our days are numbered, the days of science fiction maybe about to come true?

An example of a piece of furniture that would be suited to their printing process.


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